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Alex D.
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Alex D. "it is no wonder
why baltimore’s burning
like a song that’s been sung for so long
and we finally get the words"

richly harmonic, socially-conscious atmospheric pop. custom-made for me and you~~ Favorite track: Vipers.
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released April 8, 2016



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VAS Memphis, Tennessee

VAS is a project by Memphis Singer/Songwriter Andrew Elder with guitarist Tim Kanter, bassist Charles Stout, and drummer Ian Duren. These songs have taken on a Post-Rock feel while still keeping to the accessible Indie-Pop sound. Pulling influence from current Electronic Indie-pop and nostalgic punk and hardcore bands from high school to create a post-rock element not often heard in Indie-Pop. ... more

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Track Name: Make It
If you can take it
You can make it
Told me everyday
How I’m better than I think I am
Just when I’m at the end
Where the rope begins
and then I find the strength
to pull myself up again

Looking into sad eyes
flooding with regret
We will heal with time
and forgiveness from our lips

I am a grey sky
in a cold hour
waiting for the day
when all the green starts to grow again
I want to feel the light
and the warm it brings
When all I know is hate
from a war been waged too long
Track Name: She Told Me
Me and my friends mean the world to us (she told me)
We are the worlds wondrous ones
Dont dust us off from clouds of ash
And the make-up we wear is our warpaint

Cause she told me that she’s just fine
And she assumes she still got the time
Cause believe that the suns still bright
And we're not living in the sump and mire

Adorned in flowers that her boys dressed her
But she is worth more than the princess they made her
The dress is mud soaked in the glory she gleans
Caked to the skin like a cast for the bones

The fire is burning in her furnace
The smoke billows from her ribcage
Track Name: Soda Pop
Words are washed dry in a digital ocean
Fizzing seltzer wears my teeth away
Heartaches on sugary mounts rushing around
Tremors in my fingers are leaving me floating

Why are we speaking?
we could be dreaming
Why are we sleeping?
we could be breathing free

And Oh
your love goes down like soda pop

Left in a hurry from my arms to the sidewalk
Caught in your fury, and I’m sore from the impact
Earth quakes down curve in my spine darken my eyes
Ringing and it lingers leaving me shivering
Track Name: Vipers
was built
from a porcelain ego
I was bred
from a tiny white town
Believed my world to be
painted so perfectly
I’m american royalty
building my destiny
and the church was burning
with bells ringing true
of the pain we’ve inflicted
and the

Vipers alive in the sanctuary
Vipers alive in the sanctuary
With words of poison
We all died from the taste
Vipers alive and we’re turning our eyes away

I was cracked
from sound of our voices
and how we spoke
like poverty is deserved
it is no wonder
why baltimore’s burning
like a song that’s been sung for so long
and we finally get the words

The head of the slithering serpent
will be crushed under his foot
The King will return in power
and darkness will not reign in our blood
Track Name: BloodIsBloodIsBlood
blood is blood is blood
I was raked upon the coals
blood is blood is blood
held the gun up to your soul

I used to always be right
before my eyes were turned
to the sorrow in your stomach
Sickened by my sharp words

Blood is Blood is Blood
Reminds me of my hurt
blood is blood is blood
red as a light in a dark room

I listen to your voice
sweetly dripping out of your mouth
and then I had no choice
I was found in your gaze

I beg of forgiveness
guilt seeps through my eyes
you gave all your linens
stained from all my lies

Blood is blood is blood
Track Name: In The Womb
When is your last drink?
Is your head still spinning?
Slo-mo vision
are you finally winning?

Hold on to something true
in the room, in the room,
hold on to something lost
from the womb from the womb

Water always flow down hill
I am just like every river

Where did you harbor hurt?
is your tempest still here?
waves of feeling from the core of your being
use your lungs with care
Track Name: Rock My World
In the dark I feel you
holding my hand
In the harshest of
hurricane wall
All I've wanted was
to feel your fury
Every dream is
like smoking coal
Soon to simmer
in the southern rain
All I want is to
keep on burning

My love is a spark longing to be a flame
Rock my world to pieces never break the same
And when my heart goes home
I’ll sail alone no more
Forever rock my world and hold me close

There are ghosts
inside my head
wearing chains and falsehoods
They don't like the fortune I've found
when I’m here in your arms
All the weight
inside my chest
melted down in furnace flame
once gilded golden calf

(melt it down)

I hear you in the thunder
I feel you in my pulse
I live to bring you honor
I’m yours and yours alone
Track Name: Dream For Real
When is the sun going stay out
When is the sun going to break through the clouds
and fields are filled with flowers
and the rivers are my tears
I can be a better man
I can dream for real

Filling my chest with gold treasure
Filling my eyes with the glow
I stammer and stutter
and swear the night away
But I can hold a white rose
It brushed against her nose
Track Name: Richard Parker
Can you feel the rain
falling on your face?
Won’t die alone without you.
In the glowing sea
All my loss has sunk
'neathe the arms of God around you

Breathless stare
into the jungle
and left me with no goodbye
I can’t bear
to lose you from my hand

I’m the captain now
Your fangs don’t scare me out
I won’t try to tame you
Kept me floating there
I’ll train your mind to fear
the love that you’ve been given